About Miami 63

Finally, I got myself a tattoo. Miami 63, it says on my arm. And I am proud, as you can see! How it gets round to that? An inspiring expedition took me to Miami in 2012. On the vestiges of Botero and Hemmingway and of course of myself, I gathered intense impressions, which I worked up locally. Miami, the Florida Keys, America, the people, the nature and architecture, have matured new insights in me, whose artistic-practical conversion now is completed. The Original Edition Miami 63 contains 63 drawings (charcoal, India ink), there of 63 drawings were colored by hand in the colors of Santhori (red, yellow, green and blue). The 63 editions, which are offered to buy were printed digitally. Off them, 31 drawings were colored manually. The entire run has been numbered and sig- ned by hand. The drawings come in a special picture box and can be changed in any order. The box can be arrayed or gibbeted.