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Dear friends,

on Friday, August 19th the time has come! We are flying

from Zurich to New York City to

implement our project “Santhori faces NYC”.

All information about the project and current events

can gradually be found on our project website .

We would also be happy if you

follow us on social media so that you

can take part in the project.

See you soon,

your Santhi        


I am pleased to report that I will be showing an exhibition at the Buddy Warren Gallery in New York's bohemian Soho district from September 9th to October 30th, 2016 . The focus is on the thematic examination of the observation and encounter of people, machines and other grotesques - always with the typical Santhori wink. An exciting performance will give the starting signal. In addition, my team and I will implement an exciting and unusual supporting program that, similar to my incognito campaign in Zurich, should cause a positive stir. More information will follow soon, stay tuned...

your Santhi.

Santhori is exhibiting the flash box from the Incognito campaign from January 2016 with other sculptures in the Jedlitschka Gallery until September 10th . It's worth a visit!;art372623,8740694       


Santhori is doing it colorfully in Zurich


From November 6th to 15th, an exhibition on the topic of TRACES will take place in Klingnau Castle. Santhori meets the Unteres Aaretal art association.

There will be a secret sneak preview on October 19th from 2 p.m. in the Atelier Santhori in Zurzach. It shouldn't be revealed too much, but the artist is currently working on a PERSIBLY moving sculpture, which can be experienced in its development process.

Santhori invites you to search for SPRUEN in his studio in order to provide an insight into his work and enable stimulating conversations.           .

The Swiss popular artist Santhori is currently working on his next big project:

“Santhori meets New York City”. It includes a performance and an exhibition, both taking place in New York City in 2016. For this reason, Santhori and creative director Dominik Minet from Schwäbisch Gmünd (DE) have been in New York City since mid-September to present the project - with success: gallery owners, curators and investors are extremely interested in the Europeans' concept.

The basic idea of ​​the project has a dual orientation: on the one hand, Santhori, as a Swiss popular artist, wants to encounter New York City as the birthplace of American Pop Art, and on the other hand, the artist wants to lead Switzerland and the United States of America to a universal dialogue using the language of art. “Santhori meets New York City” is the kiss of Swiss popular art with US pop art. The aim is to create an exchange based on art and emotions. This vision of “encounter” runs through the entire project as a common thread.

For this project, Santhori and his team are looking for supporters who are open to Santhori's work and who would like to encourage cultural exchange between Switzerland and the USA.

Selling Golf Stones – see SALES for more information.      

To invent, to decide,

to stay, artist, often alone,

to enjoy your work,

hasten joyfully to the club!

Look there as a whole, experience

your own life,

and the deeds of many years

will become clear to you in your neighbor.


The thought, the design,

the shapes, their relationship,

one thing will sharpen the other,

and in the end that's enough!

Well invented, cleverly conceived,

beautifully formed, delicately accomplished, artists

have always gained their power through art and art. Just as nature only reveals one God in many forms , so in the vast realm of art there weaves a meaning of an eternal kind; This is the meaning of the truth,


Who only adorns himself with beautiful things

and confidently

looks forward to the highest clarity of the brightest day.


How courageously

speakers and poets indulge in rhyme and prose,

Shall life's cheerful rose

stand Fresh on the painter's board,

Richly surrounded with siblings,

Wrapped with autumn's fruit, So that it awakens revealed meaning

from secret life . A thousandfold and beautiful form flows from the forms of your hand, And in the human image enjoy that a God has turned towards you. Whatever tool you use, present yourselves as brothers; And song-like, the sacrificial pillar flames and smokes from the altar.


– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Artist’s Song (from the Wanderjahre)


From the heart, your Santhori.